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Selected projects

ATHCO-Engineering design and manufacture a wide range of sustainable products and solutions, which can be used worldwide with great advantages. Below you will find statements about selected projects from some of our prime customers and partners that we work with.

Chemical Plant Santiago, Chile - ACO Engineering

A positive contribution to the development of our products.

”GEA has in many years worked closely together with ACO-Engineering. We especially find the daily co-operation and exchange of knowhow as well as information important. This exchange of knowledge and expertise is in the nature a partnership, which contributes positively to a continuous optimizing and development of our products.

Their modern and presentable production facilities, special qualifications and experience with our products makes ACO-Engineering to an important collaborator for GEA Niro”.

Henrik Bo Petersen
Deputy Division Manager at GEA Niro

Paper Plant Santiago, Chile - ACO Engineering

An open and flexible approach

Sulzer GmbH in Schwitzerland has cooperated with ACO-Engineering during the last 12 years. At Sulzer quality is an important parameter, and we have been very satisfied with the uncompromising quality ACO-Engineering has delivered to us. Besides that, we experience an open and flexible approach to solve every new task”.

Herr Michael Schneider
Sulzer GmbH 

Sical logo

Fulfill their promises

”Our tailored heat exchangers that often are located in difficult work environments must always be of a superior quality.  We have worked with ACO-Engineering for many years, and we know for sure that ACO-Engineering always fulfills their promises”.

Göran Larsson
Sical AB