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immersion chiller

This heat exchanger is suitable for handling large amounts of contaminated or partially contaminated liquids, which needs to be cooled down.

The Immersion Chiller is more or less resistant to dirt (or can easily be cleaned) and together with the natural turbulence created by the plates, this heat exchanger provides an optimum cooling and heat transfer at all times.

The product is very robust and is highly reliable, as well as its sustainability and durability is of the highest level in the industry, making this product a perfect solution when cooling large quantities of fluids with water, glycol, gas or refrigerant. Furthermore, the unit is made completely out of stainless steel and can be custom-made to fit any specifications according to your requirements.

So whether the Immersion Chiller is placed where there is a continuously flow of fluids, or the product is submerged in a tank, we guarantee that you will experience a great efficiency in the heat transfer.


Product Brochure: Brochure.pdf

Immersion Chiller with great efficiency in heat transfer - ACO Engineering

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Especially suitable for hear recovery of aggressive air or gasses. Such examples could be: 

  • Food processing plants. 
  • Chemical plants.


The most obvious advantages of the AIR to AIR heat exchanger are listed below:


  • Applicable for dust or particle-loaded air or gasses.
  • Suitable in aggressive atmospheres.
  • Sutiable for high temperatures.
  • Both sides can be cleaned manually or by CIP.

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