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The Food industry 

Heat recovery and especially heat transfer, where a process needs to be either heated or cooled down, are widely used when processing food. ATHCO-Engineering has many years of experience handling the norms and regulations of the food industry.

The food industry expects that all equipment Processing food are of the highest hygienic standard. Furthermore ATHCO-Engineering have a unique knowledge in a wide range of food processing such as  beverage, dairy, cheese etc. ATHCO-Engineering can make equipment that gives food products a smooth handling and at the same time also provides energy savings. We are confident that we can iffer the right solution for you.

ATHCO-Engineering develop complete customized solutions. We provide a wide range of standardized products to the industry and guarantee that all hygine standards are met.


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The product specifications
could be of use in the food industry:

  • Hygienic standards
  • CIP cleaning
  • Smooth surface
  • Efficient designs
  • High pressures