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The pulp and paper industry

The pulp and paper industry has huge energy consumption when producing their products. With a solution from ATHCO-Engineering a company will experience a wide range of new advantages.

This industry is often criticized because of its negative environmental impact. This combined with the fact that the process of producing paper based products consumes a huge amount of energy, an energy that easily could be recovered and used in a pre-heating process.

Now days, it is important to have a more positive development in the environmental profile and still keep focus on energy costs, if a company want to increase their competitiveness.

ATHCO-Engineering knows that - and is more than capable when finding a solution that is suited exactly for your company. A solution, which in time will improve your energy consumption and thereby lower your production costs, as well as improve the overall picture of your company as being environmentally friendly

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Processes in the pulp and paper industry that could benefit from our products:

  • High temperature air or gas heat recovery
  • Exhaust recuperation
  • Pre-heating of air
  • Dust loaded air or gasses
  • CIP cleaning or manual washing
  • Flexible plate distance