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custom solutions

ATHCO-Engineering is well experienced with manufacturing of plant components and process equipment based on the customers’ own designs. 

Based on customers specifications ATHCO-Engineering make design drawings and produce products and equipment which fit to existing or new productions, whatever the need may be. Our skilled production workers do the work in precise accordance with the customer’s own design specifications. Often, one drawing is all that is given, and then the customer can safely leave up the rest to the hands of ATHCO-Engineering’s highly skilled welders, smiths and technicians

Customer specific solutions go through the same rigorous quality control as ATHCO’s other products and we assure you that the quality of our products are one of the best in the industry.

Our product and knowledge can in general be used in all industries, but the most common industries where our products are installed is those of food/dairy, pulp/paper and the chemical industry.

ATHCO-Engineering manufactures among other things


• Process tanks. 
• Spray drying plants.
• Fully automated cheese salting plants.
• Fluid Bed.
• Evaporators.
• Cyclones. 
• Channels.
• Thermo plates. 
• Heat exchangers. 
• General heat recovery.


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ATHCO-Engineering guarantee that together we will find the best solution that suits your company!