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Total solutions

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is a part of the ACO group which also includes ACO-SERVICE A/S.

ACO-Service has specialized in installation, dismantling, relocation, running-in and servicing process plants. The two companies know the demands of the trade and provide only services that live up to the highest standards of the industry.

Combined ATHCO-Engineering and ACO-Service are a strong total supplier to the process industry. Together the two companies can offer all the phases in the making of an efficient and complete plant. 

Both companies have competent engineering departments that are specialists in each of their working areas. The departments take on designing and planning of the plant. ATHCO-Engineering manufacture the plant in agreement with the specifications. After a thorough quality control, ACO-Service takes over and secures a correct installation and running-in of the plant. 

One project manager - one point of contact 

As a customer, If you combine ATHCO-Engineering and ACO-Service as a turnkey supplier, we will offer a common project manager that will be your only contact in the company. I.e. you will be given a single-source partner, who is responsible for the complete plant, thereby creating full transparency throughout the whole project.



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Our guarantee:

"Through decades, we have delivered turnkey solutions to satisfied customers worldwide. We know what it takes and we do our utmost to make the right solution. We promise a satisfying cooperation."